Workers Comp Services

Workers’ Comp Services Package

Designed to Lower your Ex-Mod Rating and Rates

Experience Modification (Ex-Mod) Correction Service

Have you ever seen your company’s Experience Rating Form? The Experience Modification Form (Ex-Mod) can be a source of undetected clerical errors and miscalculations which cost you significant dollars in unjustified Workers’ Comp Premiums.  ISU Curry will examine your company’s Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating Form to ensure its accuracy.  If we find mistakes, we get them corrected saving you money on your Workers’ Comp premiums.

Claims Management

We provide comprehensive claims management, including critical claims review and quarterly tracking.  For existing claims, we provide the same service by working with your prior carriers to review open reserves and facilitate closure. To keep you informed, we provide you with detailed written updates.

Insurance Claims Fraud

We help in gaining denial of fraudulent claims by using our highly successful Fraud Detection program.  For an additional fee and your prior approval, private investigators obtain incriminating video evidence of the claimant for use in filing a civil lawsuit against the offending employee.  The message to other employees is loud and clear: fraudulent workers’ comp claims will not be tolerated.

Customized Safety Training

We provide customized training in numerous areas via videos, safety meeting facilitation, and safety literature for employees and supervisors.

On-Site Safety Inspections

We periodically inspect your facility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. We identify safety hazards and present clearly labeled photographs which indicate potential OSHA violations.

Ergonomics (making worker procedures more efficient and comfortable)

We perform periodic workstation analysis to avoid potential accidents, improve productivity and reduce Workers’ Compensation claims. Our pictorial presentation illustrates problem/solution scenarios for your workplace.

Accident Investigations

We help you avoid accidents by analyzing jobs with high accident frequency or positions where catastrophic accidents have occurred.

Employee Safety Incentives

We can tailor a safety incentive program to increase employee motivation and safety awareness.

On-Call Consultation

We are just a phone call away. With over 35 years of experience and as part of the powerful ISU Network of insurance agents, we are available any time to answer your questions pertaining to your coverage or claims.

Contact ISU Curry Insurance Agency at 626-449-3870 or request a quote.