Insurance Claims Fraud

Fraudulent InvestigationYou Pay the Price for Workers’ Comp Fraud

We aggressively identify and fight fraudulent claims

Insurance fraud is a crime.  An employee who is paid on a fraudulent claim not only pockets your company’s hard-earned revenue but can boost your Workers’ Comp premiums.

Due to lack of funding, manpower and priority, the District Attorney’s office does not actively pursue criminal charges against employees who file false workers’ compensation claims.

At ISU Curry Insurance, we’ve developed a workable and aggressive solution to this problem.  By assisting you in a proactive approach, fraudulent claims can be decreased or eliminated altogether.

Our approach to Workers’ Comp fraud:

For an additional fee, ISU Curry helps identify and fight fraudulent Worker’s Comp claims as follows:

  • There is no substitute for a thorough, good-faith investigation.  ISU Curry’s Fraud Detection unit gathers surveillance videos of claimant employees caught in the act of working elsewhere or in incriminating situations.
  • Our labor attorney examines the evidence gathered and, as warranted, files a civil lawsuit. A civil lawsuit strikes at the source of the claim: the fraudulent employee. This results in the claim being closed with substantially reduced reserves.
  • This approach sends a clear message to all of your employees: fraudulent claims will not be tolerated in your company and will be met with legal action.
  • We have successfully filed 18 lawsuits and prevailed on every case.

With ISU Curry Insurance, you can fight and win the battle against fraudulent claims.

See actual surveillance photographs.