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The Resources of a Large Insurance
Agency, the Personal Care of a
Smaller One

ISU Curry Insurance has been caring for the insurance needs of thousands of businesses, large and small, for 35 years. As long-time members of the influential ISU Insurance Network of independent insurance agents, we are able to obtain and pass on to you the highly competitive rates from a choice of over 350 insurance companies.

  • Reduced Costs Due to Highly Competitive Rates From Over 350 Insurance Companies
  • Proven Expertise in Worker’s Comp Ex-Mod and Premiums Reduction
  • Company-Wide Commitment to Superior, Personalized Service
  • A List of Services Designed to Help Reduce Rates, Administrative Costs and Troubles
  • A Combination of Coverage, Price and Service that is Most Beneficial to Your Specific Business Needs

Choose ISU curry Insurance for all your insurance coverage and eliminate the time, effort and expense of dealing with multiple insurance agencies.

Thirty-five years’ experience with
thousands of customers across a wide range of industries

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