Frequently Asked Questions

What does ISU mean?

“ISU” stands for the power of Independence and the Strength of Unity (ISU) and is the name of a nationwide network of independent insurance agents and brokers.  As a member of this influential group, ISU Curry has access to over 350 insurance companies and brings you these benefits:

  • Highly competitive insurance rates
  • The expertise of professionals in ISU offices coast to coast
  • ISU national resources for placement of your insurance risks
  • ISU Curry provides you with the resources of a nationwide insurance agency but the care of smaller one.
  • How do I know my company is getting the best rate?

    As part of the ISU national network of independent insurance agents and brokers, ISU Curry has access to 350 insurance companies.  We can secure the most competitive rates for the specific lines of coverage best suited to your company’s needs.

    How do I determine how much insurance coverage I need?

    The extent of your coverage depends on several factors including the nature of your business, number of employees, revenues and more.  Insurance is essentially a mitigation of risk and protecting assets.  Therefore, determining the amount of risk is the first step.

    ISU Curry Insurance Agency will analyze your current business and business insurance coverage and help you determine the extent of coverage needed along with the type of coverage most suitable for your business needs.

    How is my company’s Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating calculated?

    For a California company, your company’s Experience Rating, also known as Experience Modification factor (Ex-Mod), is computed by the Workers’ Compensation Rating Bureau of California.  Essentially, it is a projection of future costs of Workers’ Comp benefits that must be paid by an insurer based on the company’s history of payroll and claims.

    Fraudulent claims, inflated or overestimated claims and outright calculation errors all cost your company money in skyrocketing Workers’ Comp premiums.

    ISU Curry Insurance is a Worker’s Comp specialist with many services to help detect and remedy fraudulent and inflated claims and miscalculated Ex-Mod ratings.  A host of services included in the ISU Curry Workers’s Comp Services Package helps you reduce Workers’ Comp premiums.

    Are there additional benefits I receive by selecting ISU Curry Insurance Agency as my one source for all my company’s insurance needs?

    Yes, please contact ISU Curry Insurance Agency for details at (626) 449-3870.