Spotlight on Excellence

ISU Curry Insurance Agency

30 years and still innovating!

ISU Curry Insurance Agency has been in business since 1976.

 A lot has changed in the insurance industry since then, and the Agency has invested substantially to keep innovating, and to bring significant value added services to their clients, services that are highly unusual and rarely offered by other brokers.

President Michael Curry states: “We’re not satisfied with ‘business as usual.’ If all a broker has to offer is a good price then they’re really no different than hundreds of other competing brokers out there. The fact is that most brokers today can reach almost any carrier, and get you a ‘competitive’ price. We think employers deserve more. We think employers should demand more. Our clients stay with us because of the unique value and extra value-added services we provide. They recognize that typical insurance brokers don’t do the things we do.”

Scott Curry, Commercial Sales Associate, elaborates: “We believe that employers should select their commercial insurance broker in a logical and systematic manner. Employers don’t select their attorney’s by price. They don’t choose a CPA based on who charges the lowest hourly rate. Why? Because they recognize that these are business-critical professional services, and there isn’t that much pure price difference anyway. Insurance broker selection should be handled the same way. The truth is we can all come in with about the same price, so selection should be made by evaluating what additional services a broker provides.”

Clients of ISU Curry have access to an impressive group of important business consultation services. Most of these are provided free of charge! Following is just a partial list of additional value-added services that the agency’s clients enjoy:

            In-house loss control services

            Human Resource consultation

           Labor Legal consultation & questions

           Employee Handbook review

           Worker’s Compensation claims review and negotiation

           Organizational & Strategic planning

           General Business Legal, contract review, etc.

In addition, because of their affiliation with BizAssure, the agency’s clients now have access to an exciting new service, the BizAssure Compliance Center. ISU Curry’s clients can now determine online the major State & Federal mandates that they must be in compliance with.  The list is sometimes surprising, and many employers discover that they are not in compliance with several items, exposing them to serious liabilities. Best of all, just one phone call to BizAssure initiates the process of getting any deficiencies corrected!

Long-term clients of the agency often say things like this: “ISU Curry is a professional, innovative agency. Other brokers don’t provide the types of important business consultation services that they do. It’s great to be able to get questions handled that aren’t merely insurance questions, things like Human Resource or Labor Legal questions. We value the additional service and expertise that ISU Curry brings to the table.”

Michael Curry summarizes: “It would be a lot less satisfying to operate like typical insurance brokers. We enjoy being able to bring solutions to complex business issues that often fall outside the realm of mere insurance matters. When our clients have a business issue, whether it’s a pressing problem or they’re just preemptively researching something, we want them to think of us first. Through our relationship with BizAssure, we can almost always get them the help and information they need, and usually it’s free of charge! Yes, it’s a significant investment, but it’s an investment in our clients.”

ISU Curry Insurance Agency has made a serious commitment to their clients. That’s why they’re a valued part of the BizAssure team, and we’re proud to spotlight them in this edition of The BizAssure Consultant.

To contact the agency please see below:

ISU Curry Insurance Agency
489 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone: 626-449-3870
Fax: 626-449-5268